Lumiere Standard Poodles


In the beginning........

Growing up in the Vancouver area as a child, my mother became involved with the breeding and showing of miniature and toy poodles, apricot and silver to be specific. This is where my love of poodles began. As I got older, married, became a mother, bought a house, I often thought about one day owning a poodle of my own. I never thought for a moment that a standard poodle would even be an option, my gosh, they are too big, but every time I saw one walk down the street I found myself doing a double-take, never had I seen such regal looking dogs. It came to me one day, that I was "old enough' to own my own, and thus began one of the most incredible adventures of my life.

I purchased "Scarlett", from Washington State at about 3 months old. She was an incredible deep red, Irish Setter red I had been told. On my journey home I passed by the local fairgrounds, where I saw advertised that a dog show was taking place on the weekend, and decided it would be fun to check it out. Venturing into the dog show, and seeing the standard poodles in all their glory, I had a good laugh at how "ridiculous" the show dogs looked. I took a tour through the grooming barn, and stopped to chat to a lady who was preparing an incredible black male, and during our conversation she found out of my recent addition to our family. She casually mentioned for me to bring Scarlett by the next day, and she would "take a look at her". I couldn't resist, don't we all want to know our dogs are "special". I also found out that this lady was one of the top poodle people in Canada. After looking Scarlett over, she made several comments, most positive, but her last words will never be forgotten. "You can do this" she said. "It will be hard, she is red, but you can do this". Do what, I thought. Not me, no way, no how. But the seed was planted, and the rest is history.

It was a very long, painful road. Not only was I dealing with a color that was difficult to show, but I myself really didn't have a clue what I was doing. I was extremely fortunate to be taken underwing by some wonderful mentors, and without their constant guidance, encouragement, grooming, oh my, the list just goes on and on, I could have never done it. I was also taught the basic guidelines and principles of being a breeder, and the importance of testing. I was taught the extreme responsibilities one takes on when becoming a breeder, and if I were to breed it would be for one thing, and one thing only, to improve. To take what I have and make it better. This was not about money, this was about the love of the breed!!

During this period I was also lucky enough to come in contact with Terry Farley, of Farley's D Standards. Although Terry lives at the opposite end of the continent, he has always been there to encourage me and guide me in the breeding program. He is a wonderful man who has paved the way for the reds.

I continued striving for Scarlett's championship. The wins seemed so few and far between. We had a wonderful win in August, 2001, Scarlett took the breed and a group 4th placing. Then we went almost a whole year, and then an exhilarating win, Scarlett took the breed and a group 2nd placing.

Finally, it was done. I had my champion. Not only did I have an owner/handled red champion, but the first Canadian Red Standard Female Champion. What an honour. We both worked so hard at it.

Oh, and by the way, I don't believe that show dogs look "ridiculous" anymore!!

Lumiere Standard Poodles
Lumiere Standard Poodles
Lumiere Standard Poodles