Lumiere Standard Poodles
Where are they Now?

Cosmo lives in San Jose with Steve and Garry
(the look-alike boys), and is a litter mate
to Winston and Chelsea.

Chloe now lives in Los Angeles with Deborah. She is a litter mate to Asia and India.


When my husband agreed to buy me my dream birthday gift of a Standard Poodle, my sister Kim and I searched the websites.  She remembered she had bookmarked Lumiere Standards a year or so before because the Lumiere Poodles were so beautiful.

Luckily, Scarlett  had 2 week old puppies.  After talking to Natalie, who impressed me with her knowledge of the breed and patiently answered  my  many questions, we reserved a puppy.

After waiting what seemed an eternity, we brought Chloe into our lives.  Our groomer who specializes in Standard Poodles is constantly commenting on her confirmation, wonderful coat and easy going temperament.

My husband jokingly refers to her as the "mutt person" because she is too smart and empathetic to be a dog.  My 10 and 6 year old boys adore her.  I always tell my husband she is the best birthday present he ever gave me.



Bailey now lives in Santa Monica, and is a Litter Mate to India and Asia. Here she is at her best friend's house where she spends a lot of time.


Luke nd Toni Smith with their Lumiere Standard Poodle "Summa".

Luke and Toni gave up their City life to own and operate their dream winery and B&B located in the Naramata region of the Okanagan.


As the World Turns:

I have to admit this type of referral certainly brings a tear to my eye as the showing aspect of it is most frustrating, and the referral reminds me that what I am really trying to do is establish a healthy and intelligent line.

This is such a wonderful compliment to our Poodles we just had to print it all. Susan who is looking for a Standard Poodle saw this article in the Vancouver Lifestyle Magazine, and the story tells it all.


Hi there,  I just saw a picture of Toni and Luke Smith in Vancouver Lifestyle magazine, and I was very impressed by the beautiful poodle sitting beside you.  I am currently looking for a poodle, and I was wondering what breeder yours came from, and if he/ she had a good temperament.  I'd appreciate any information you could share with me.

Thanks Susan More


Our dog, Summa has more personality than most teenagers and is a constant source of love and enjoyment for us.

He is incredibly friendly and has been warmly adopted by 98% of our guests at the B&B. The other 2% simply do not like dogs and eventually they too don't mind him being in the B&B. The picture you saw was a good day for him as he is a farm dog and is usually covered head to toe in dirt and burs. At first our neighbours teased us about our "French" poodle, however now they have a serious respect after he chased a herd of deer off our property and chased the Alpha male of a coyote pack into submission all the while remaining the biggest lap dog we know. He is very friendly with other dogs and always friendly towards strangers. We suspect he was only trying to play with the deer and coyotes.

Outside of Summa being a little smaller than I thought he would be we find that he comes from a line of obviously extremely well tempered dogs.

We hope this helps.
Luke Smith



Meet Gibson Lumiere's Walking on Sunshine littermate to Michaela. Gib lives a carefree life in Coquitlam, B.C. where he enjoys running free during his walks along the river.  Favourite pastimes are chasing balls, chasing leaves, chasing birds, chasing....!  Much loved and adored, he gives his family unconditional love in return.



GibsonGibson at 15 months old



LUMIERE, translated from French for "Light" truly guided us to the end of the tunnel of finding the perfect poodle and breeder. Natalie Lasanen, breeder of Lumiere Standard Poodles changed our life by letting us have Sophie.   Sophie is now 4 month old black female standard poodle.  She is the daughter of mother Chelsea, CH. Lumiere’s Gold Dust Woman and father Jackon, AM. CH. Carrington’s all Fired Up.


She is more of a “Sophia Loren”. Her beauty as well as for her shiny black soft coat and joyful temperament attracts many San Diegans.

We get surrounded by fans everywhere we go. We get comments all the time on how lucky we are to have her.  Taking Sophie out in the public is a real adventure. We get to socialize with people that we would have never, if we didn’t have Sophie. She is extremely smart for only being 4 month old. She already learned a few commands such as shake, high five, laying down, stay, roll over just to name a few. We think that she is a circus dog.

If anybody out there is in search of a standard poodle, I strongly recommend Lumiere Standard Poodles. Natalie is a wonderful professional breeder. She was always there for me during the process of getting Sophie. She always replied to all of my e-mails. I had my name on three Standard Poodles breeders’ waiting list before getting Sophie and I thank God everyday for seeing the light LUMIERE at the end of the tunnel.

Now, only one short year later, as you can see Sophie has grown into an absolutely beautiful girl.

Lumiere Standard Poodles