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"Scarlett", Katie Scarlett of Pandaridge

Canadian Champion
 Katie Scarlett of Pandaridge TP
First Red Female Standard Champion
Exclusively owner/handled.

This is where it all started!

"Scarlett", Katie Scarlett of Pandaridge
She has now produced our first home bred champions -
CH. Lumiere's Ray of Light "Winston"
CH. Lumiere's Gold Dust Woman "Chelsea"
CH. Lumiere Carrington At Last "Michaela"
CH. Lumiere Farleys D Just a Dream "Asia"
AM. CDN CH. Lumiere Carrington Hot Hot Hot
AM. CH. Lumiere Farleys D Gone Loco



We test the eyes, hips, thyroid, S.A. and vWD. Scarlett has passed all her testing, her hip rating came back "good", and she is clear of vWD.

Scarlett's Breeding:

BIS/SBIS AM. CDN. Champion  Carrington's All Fired Up
"Scarletts" third breeding was to SBIS/BIS Am. Cdn. Champion Carrington's All Fired Up, "Jackson".  This produced a litter of blacks and apricots, and the blacks in this litter were of much better quality than the apricots.  We kept a black female from this litter, "Michaela", who became Ch. Lumiere Carrington At Last.  It was such a wonderful litter overall we decided to repeat the breeding for Scarlett's last breeding, and the tables turned, the apricots outshone the blacks.  We kept an apricot male, "Robson", Am. Cdn. Ch. Lumiere Carrington Hot Hot Hot and co-own his sister "Rayna", Am. Ch. Lumiere Farleys D Gone Loco, with Connie Hackenburg of LCM Poodles in Pennsylvania.
BIS/SBIS AM. CDN. Champion Carrington's All Fired Up
American Champion Farleys D I am Marcello
"Scarlett's" second breeding was to a red male, American Ch. Farleys D I am Marcello, who is the second of only 3 red champions in the United States, and puppies were born August 22, 2003. We kept an apricot female "Asia", who was actually born almost a cream colour.  As Asia aged, she became darker each month, and is now a very even red.  Asia became Ch. Lumiere Farleys D Just A Dream.

American Champion Farleys D I am Marcello
Red to Red breeding
Red to Red breeding: I was asked if it was possible to get black, I said no, this in average is what you get, and you will see the intense color difference with the gorgeous Winston boy, only 8 months old, in the picture, who just couldn't get enough of them.
Also, believe it or not the light, light puppy you see is Asia.  That is what the red breeders look for, the silver casting with the line running down the spine that will always darken. 

Isn't breeding this color so exciting.
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"Scarlett's" first breeding was to a black male, Can. Ch. Exxel Keeper of the Stars, who is also pointed in the States. He is a Kaylens Cadillac grandson, and litter-mate brother to Desi, the star in "Best In Show". I have kept an apricot male, "Winston" Lumiere's Ray of Light and an apricot female "Chelsea" Lumiere's Gold Dust Woman, who I am co-owning with Ed Howard of Port Moody, who both gained championship status.

Can. Ch. Exxel Keeper of the Stars "JJ"

Competition Grooming by Lorraine Stewart who has won many comptetitions.


One of the hardest accomplishments of being a breeder is getting 10 puppies to co-operate for a group shot!! That's India on the far left, just about out of the picture. Asia is the pup 2nd from the right with her leg hanging way down.
Robson, Winston, Michaela, Chelsea and Asia
AM. CH. Lumiere Farleys D Gone Loco
Scarlett was born November 20th, 1999, in Vancouver Washington.  Scarlett immigrated to Canada where she began a difficult journey to achieve her championship, which upon achievement marked her as the first Red Standard Female Champion in Canada.
Then began the research into finding just the right direction to breed her in, once all proper testing was in place.  This was an extremely difficult task, as the red and apricot gene pool is extremely limited.  With the guidance of Dianne Hopper of Carrington Standards, and Terry Farley of Farleys D Standards, we went in the direction of black, Ch. Excel Keeper of the Stars.  This produced a litter of blacks and apricots, and our first two homebred champions, Ch. Lumiere's Ray of Light (Winston) and Ch. Lumiere's Gold Dust Woman (Chelsea).
We then put our thinking caps back on and decided to make a long cross-continent journey to Pittsburgh, to breed to one of only two red male U.S. Champions, Ch. Farleys D I Am Marcello.  This produced a litter of reds and apricots, and from this litter we kept Ch. Lumiere Farleys D Just A Dream” (Asia). 
Our third breeding was again to black.  BIS AM.CDN. Ch. Carrington's All Fired Up (Jackson), and again a litter of blacks and apricots were produced.  To my extreme chagrin a black female was chosen pick of the litter (I had my heart set on an apricot male), and thank God I had the common sense to listen to my mentors and keep her, as she turned out to be extremely stunning, and also to achieve her championship with some amazing wins at only 10 months old.  This is Ch. Lumiere Carrington At Last (Michaela).  The most exhilarating part of these wins was the fact that this "3rd" champion marked Scarlett as the first Top Producing Red Standard Poodle in History in any country, to our knowledge.
We decided Scarlett's last breeding would be a repeat breeding of Scarlett and Jackson.  From this litter we kept an apricot male, Robson, who has now become Am. Cdn. Ch. Lumiere Carrington Hot Hot Hot, and Rayna, who has become Am. Ch. Lumiere Farleys D Gone Loco.
Scarlett was not only  a wonderful start to our foundation and a proven successful producer, producing 6 home bred champions, but she also brought immense joy to our family.  Her intelligence, sensitivity, and humour have amazed all who came into contact with her.
Shortly before my journey to Scarlett I had a dream of running along the beach with a red standard poodle, which initiated the start of my search.  It fills my heart to have seen my daughter fulfilling the dream, and to realize dreams in fact can come true.
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